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Entrepreneur's Group

What past and current members have to say about the Entrepreneur's Group…
“Michael’s E-Group was a very good experience. Three things stood out: 1) the sense of shared passion for growth, success and support among our participants; 2) the structure for collaboration that Michael helped to facilitate; and 3) the articles, examples and insights Michael shared. He maintained a delicate balance of facilitating, encouraging, guiding, counseling, observing and contributing. I’d recommend Michael Shapiro’s E-Group to other entrepreneurs seeking a community of driven and supportive peers with which to collaborate and grow.”

Jason A. Sherman,President
Sherman Communications & Marketing, Inc.

“I joined the E-Group in January 2008 and it was the best move I have ever made. The group sessions provide for accountability, goal setting and inspiration. The one-on-one sessions allow you to really focus on 1 or 2 key areas. I recommend this group to any entrepreneur or high-level executive interested in becoming a better businessman and person. ”
Avaneesh Marwaha, President
Marwaha IP Group

“I have been a member of Michael Shapiro's Entrepreneur's Group for almost two years now and I'm looking forward with great anticipation to the third. Michael's ability to guide the group in a structured, yet flexible way provides a great opportunity to work through problems and set goals for your business with a like-minded group of entrepreneurs and business professionals.

One of the great values of the group is to be able to discuss issues with a group of peers that both understand my business and want what is best for it, and yet aren't stakeholders in that business. This allows me to be more honest and open, knowing that my advisors have no personal interests to color their input. Since the group is made up of people in a wide variety of industries, it’s also a great opportunity to find fresh ideas and approaches to addressing your issues. This is a benefit that you can't always get in your own industry organizations.

There is a wonderful kind of cross-pollination that occurs when you hear a business owner in another sector address your problem in a way that is both standard in his industry and utterly alien in your own. In short, if you are a business owner looking to start a business, manage a business, or grow a business, this is the group for you! ”
Chris Robinson, President
Briar Patch Investment Group

“Dynamic Management Solutions, Inc. and Michael Shapiro, in particular, have been instrumental in helping me prioritize my business goals, simplify my business processes and improve my time-management. The E-Group provides an excellent format for sharing problems and ideas with other entrepreneurs. The feedback and guidance from Michael and the other participants has proven to be invaluable. ”
Joseph A. Zarlengo, Shareholder
Chuhak & Tecson, P.C.

“Our work has given me more focus and confidence in identifying my goals and putting systems in place to track progress to meeting those goals. More importantly, it has provided a forum for embracing the strengths I have and examining the areas I want to develop. Michael’s integrative approach has helped me and my business flourish in the context of my life values and goals. The candor and support of the group work has been beneficial in helping me face the obstacles I put in my own way.  The work isn’t always easy, but it’s always worthwhile. ”              
Signe Gleeson, President
ElderCare Solutions, Inc.

“Participating in the E-Group has been an engaging platform for discussing relevant entrepreneurial challenges with a thoughtful team of business leaders. 

Sitting around a table with a group of entrepreneurs each month has provided an inspirational avenue for establishing goals and ensuring accountability. ”
Sarah Elizabeth Ippel, Founder & Executive Director
Academy for Global Citizenship

“Michael Shapiro and I worked together at the recommendation of a friend. I have been an entrepreneur for almost 10 years, and despite my love for my work, I’ve struggled with some repetitive, ineffective patterns in how I run my business and my life. With the Entrepreneurs’ Group and Michael’s coaching, I was able to connect with other entrepreneurs in a deeply meaningful way, bring my issues and successes into the light of examination without fearing judgment, and get sound, immediately actionable advice to address the issues and build upon my successes. 

A potential crisis situation I brought to the group became a springboard into a new life in a new city, and I owe a significant debt to the group and Michael for helping me to work through it, examine all my options and move ahead with courage toward my deepest heart’s desire. I cannot find high enough praise for Michael and what he has put together with this group, as well as the good heart and strategic mind he brings to his coaching.”
Lora Freeman, Principal
Freeman Writing Solutions

“At the DMS E-Group, I look forward to gaining a new perspective on things every single time. Always the "Aha" moment. I know I can depend on the honesty of my fellow members to tell it like it is and challenge me. They inspire me to stay the course.”
Pon Angara, Principal
Barkada Creative, LLC

“When I was a salesperson in the corporate arena life was extremely easy.  The corporation created a system where I would succeed. As an entrepreneur I no longer have this safety net.  I have only myself to hold me accountable – too often I find myself working in and not on my business and often not achieving the results which I intended.  What Michael has done for me is to create a safe and healthy environment where I hold myself accountable not only to me but to others in the e-group.

One of the great beauties of the group is we all share ideas with each other which we can then implement in our own businesses. It is also a forum where we can share our challenges and issues.  In addition to the e-group I have a one-on-one session with Michael where we exam what is working and what’s not – The result thus far is I am turning a dysfunctional hobby into a growing and soon to be profitable business concern.  In essence Michael has assisted me to keep my dream alive and flourishing.”
Robert Harney, Founder
RHS Telecom.

The E-Group facilitated by Michael Shapiro was the answer to my growth problems. I had been in business a few years, and the basics were no sweat. Unfortunately, I wasn’t planning ahead or meeting my goals. I was too busy putting out the day-to-day fires. The E-Group helped me to set goals and meet them. The accountability of a meeting every month was exactly what I needed. The extra benefit that I never expected was the camaraderie. It wasn’t just friendship. I already had plenty of friends. These were fellow business owners, other entrepreneurs who knew how hard I worked and all believed in me. That kind of confidence made all the difference to me and my business. I cannot recommend the E-Group too highly. It’s made me a better entrepreneur and a better writer.
Heather Z. Hutchins
Hardworking Writer