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Meet the DMS Principal - Michael Shapiro

Michael Shapiro, Principal
Michael Shapiro is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) who focuses on the personal, professional and organizational challenges faced by executives of small and mid-sized companies. With the keen skill to help clients identify areas of challenge and working through the process to make them more effective, Shapiro helps companies and individuals move to the next level of efficiency - whether growth or downsizing.

Clients have described Shapiro as a “consultant who cares,” a “technological social worker” and a “sage business mentor.”

Michael Shapiro has spent over 20 years guiding companies through periods of sustainable growth as well as challenging transitions. 

With a unique balance of sound fiscal planning and personal mentoring philosophy, he has created the foundation for his management consulting practice. He has helped organizations with financial, computer systems analysis and design, human resources and management needs in diverse fields such as retail, small and family-owned businesses, education and technology.

  • A Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, DePaul University
  • A Master of Arts degree in Management Consulting with a focus on Technology, DePaul University
  • A Certified Management Consultant by the Institute of Management Consultants U.S.A. Inc. in 1988
  • Recent continuing education has included participation in organizational dynamics programs sponsored by Northwestern University, the Institute for Management Transformation, and the A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems where he has recently been certified as a consultant for Group Relations Conferences in the Tavistock tradition.
A Record of Success

1977 – Michael began his career as a counselor in a social service agency, and then quickly moved into a management role within the agency.

1982 – He was named Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Kane's, Ltd., a family-owned, high-fashion women's specialty store with annual sales of $3.3 million.

1988 – Established KNS Associates, Inc., a management consulting practice, where he focused on identifying and addressing companies' information, record keeping and technological needs. Clients included many small businesses, private corporations, educational institutions and specialty retailers.

1995 – Joined A2S2 Digital Projects, Inc. as one of the founding members. He served for five years as General Manager and Vice President of Finance and Administration, successfully launching several award-winning, political and public policy web sites, including policy.com, intellectual-capital.com, congressvote.com and voxcap.com. The company grew from six employees in one office to over 35 full-time employees and 100 contract employees in two locations before its sale. Shapiro was instrumental in helping the company respond to change throughout sudden growth, sale and transition.

2000 – Established Dynamic Management Solutions, Inc.,