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Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting
Management consulting looks at your organization from the enterprise-wide perspective. Depending upon the client, the consultant may look at everything from the company's organizational structure to individual management responsibilities. In addition, the consultant may conduct interviews, do assessments and attend several company meetings before creating a report with specific recommendations.

The consultant can also follow through with the recommendations and help the organization make the needed changes to improve employee efficiency and the ability to execute. For a description of Mr. Shapiro's Management Consulting practice, CLICK HERE to read the article by Greg Lackner.

Employee Development
Employee development allows the management consultant to work with individual employees and groups to improve overall efficiency. However, top performers can benefit from employee development to work on leadership training and motivating staff. In addition, employee development is ideal for helping to “unstick” a career path or improve the performance of an employee who is not meeting expectations.

Executive Coaching
Executive coaching allows your key management personnel to improve everything from their leadership styles to their motivational skills. For business leaders, executive coaching can help them take their business to the next level and create an effective workplace even in the midst of downsizing.

Executive coaching is also useful for succession planning and other difficult issues involving family-owned businesses. For a description of Mr. Shapiro's Executive Coaching practice, CLICK HERE to read the article by Heather Z. Hutchins.

Targeted Recruiting
Targeted recruiting helps the business leader and other key managers to choose employees with the best-fit from the beginning. Based on interviews and assessments, targeted recruiting can help your organization hire employees with the right cultural fit, reducing both employee turnover and new-employee training costs.

Executive Job Search / Career Change
Career Change and Job Search helps executives discover the ideal job that matches both their skills and potential. Executives learn new interviewing skills and questioning techniques to ensure that the new position they accept will be a good fit for them. Executives can also learn the skills to write state-of-the-art resumes and cover letters.

How to Get Started
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