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Is it Management Consulting or Executive Coaching?

Do You Need A Management Consultant for Your Company?
Advice from Michael Shapiro of Dynamic Management Solutions, Inc.
by Greg Lackner

It has probably happened gradually over a long period of time, but one day you notice something is different.

Your well-run, successful company is having problems. They could be external, such as losing a big account or damaging a client relationship. Internally, you may be seeing long-term employees resign, or you are having trouble retaining new employees. Perhaps your managers are having trouble dealing with the people they supervise. Possibly you, as founder/owner or business leader, are being called upon more often to solve disagreements or pull a project from the fire. Morale is low and the mood is tense. Everyone seems stressed.

Your accountant suggests bringing in a management consultant. But, how do you find the right person to make the process succeed? You have never worked with a management consultant and think they only work for large companies. You have heard of consultants such as Accenture, McKinsey & Company or A.T. Kearney, but are there consultants who work with only companies of 50 employees?

Michael Shapiro, an executive coach and management consultant with over 20 years experience, is just such a consultant. He is passionate about helping companies work through the challenges that often accompany growth and success.

“These challenges, or growing pains, usually crop up around the decision-making process,” Shapiro says. “Decisions that used to be made by the entire company (the founder and six employees) around the kitchen table are now being made by a management group in the conference room with the doors closed. The dynamic has changed along with the communication style. The resistance to these changes from some in the company are what can be seen as 'problems' in the company.”

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