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Entrepreneur's Group

Let’s face it…business owners sometimes feel isolated.

Get the objectivity you need, from peers you trust. 
Even with savvy business partners, excellent managers and key employees to help them, along with their families and friends, objective advice is difficult to come by.  Even harder to find is someone to hold you accountable so that the goals you set become a reality.

Candor.  Support.  Insight.  Facilitated, peer-to-peer support groups, such as the Entrepreneurs’ Group, are made up of professionals and entrepreneurs like you who can offer you invaluable feedback – and accountability for your goals. 

The Entrepreneurs’ Group is for you, if you find yourself asking questions like these:
  • When is the right time to hire my first employee(s)?
  • How do I improve my “closing” ratio?
  • Where can I find qualified employees?
  • How do I “scale” my business, and what does that mean for me?
  • How do I keep a work-life balance?
  • How do I deal with a difficult client—or one who’s not paying?
  • How can I learn to delegate and stop doing everything myself?
  • Should I use employees or 1099 freelancers?
The Entrepreneur’s Group offers a venue for answering these questions -- and others you may be asking about your own life and business.  
See what past and present members say about the E-Group

The E-Group offers members the following benefits:

  • Goal setting for business, personal and professional goals
  • Accountability to group members for meeting those goals
  • Open forum for problem solving
  • Support and advice from people who have been there and done that
  • Virtual water cooler (an opportunity to compare notes boss-to-boss)
  • One hour of one-on-one business coaching
  • Additional hours of coaching available for a reduced fee

Topics of discussion include everything from business development to time management to work-life balance. Anything that matters to you can be a topic of discussion.

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